Hydrostatic trowels


Drive system

  • Ford power products 2.5 litre engine produces 84 HP, ensuring optimum torque for panning while bringing more power to the floor for burnishing.
  • Aluminium engine block features deep skirted cylinder block for rigidity. Valve train is “set for life” to provide years of maintenance free operation.
  • Dual fuel capability converts gasoline to LPG for work enclosed areas (with proper ventilation).
  • Optimized hydraulic system uses high efficiency variable displacement pump and radial piston drive motors to improve performance.
  • Cyclonic oil reservoir reduces hydraulic oil requirements by as much as 50%.
  • Sectional stabilizer ring facilitates maintenance while providing enhanced rigidity.

Operator controls

  • Digital display provides information at a glance. Includes data on blade pitch, rotor speed, fuel selection, fuel level, engine speed, cruise control selection and critical engine alerts.
  • Active speed control enable operator to precisely set rotor speeds using the digital interface. Actively monitors drive system to maintain consistent rotor speeds under carrying load conditions.
  • Rotor speed is adjusted by dialling in the preferred setting – 150 RPM – using the control knob.
  • Visual pitch indicator displays blade pitch on controller screen and enables operator to attain preferred pitch angle in an easy and repeatable manner.
  • Rotor jog facilitates lifting; allows operator to jog the rotors to prevent surface marring while standing in front of the machine.


  • All new frame design feature walk-around deck and with easy access to service areas.
  • Outstanding illumination for indoor or night-time finishing is provided by six LED lights.
  • Ergonomic controls and seating area eliminate operator fatigue.
  • Over-Centre lift bale provides convenient and balanced lifting point for the trowel.
  • Operator convenience features include a USB accessory outlet and cup holder.

Hydrostatic Trowel - HTXG6DF

Swing away panels provide full access to all service components.
  • Powerful 2.4-liter gasoline-LPG engine from Power Solutions International delivers the high torque needed for panning and high rotor speed for finishing concrete.
  • Engine power management senses engine load and adjusts hydraulic pump stroke to allow engine to operate at peak efficiency.
  • Increased chassis rigidity and stability achieved by lower centre of gravity, reduces body roll, minimizes oversteer and improves steering feedback and operator control.
  • Six-blade spider assemblies produce the flattest floors possible with 33% more blade contact. Swing away panels provide full access to all service components.
  • SmartPitchTM control synchronizes blade pitch for both rotors with a single button.
  • Cruise control standard on all hydraulic ride-on trowels.
  • LPG/Gasoline option allows the operator to change from gasoline to LP at the touch of a switch.
  • Easy fill reservoir for hydraulic oil.
  • LED lights provide superior illumination during indoor or night time jobs.
  • Cup holder and 12 Volt outlet for operator convenience on the job.
  • Electric fuel gauge provides consistent, accurate fuel measurements.
  • New design allows for better floor visibility.

Hydrostatic Trowel - STX6H and HTX6H

  • All new liquid cooled 70HP Hatz 4H50TIC turbo diesel engine complies with US EPA Tier 4 Final emissions requirements.
  • Patented Engine Power Management senses engine load and adjusts hydraulic pump stroke to allow the engine to operate at peak efficiency.
  • Low centre of gravity produces stability while minimizing oversteer. Optimizes steering feedback and operator control.
  • Cruise control reduces operator fatigue during low speed operations.
  • Six blade spider assemblies assure the flattest floors possible with 33% more blade contact.
  • SmartPitch™ control synchronizes blade pitch for both rotors with a single button.
  • 6 LED lights provide state of the art illumination for night time or indoor work.
  • 12 Volt outlet and drink holder for charging your electronic devices and operator convenience.
  • Retardant spray system, actuated by controls located on the steering handles, provides uniform coverage of the slab surface.
  • Adjustable seat features armrests and essential back support. All controls and warning lights are convenient to the operator.
Proportional hydraulic steering and joystick controls aIlow precision performance with minimal effort, preventing operator fatigue.
Multifunction display provides operator with easy-to-read data including engine speed, fuel levels and alerts.
Clam shell design simplifies maintenance and offers the convenient access to all serviceable components.

Hydrostatic Trowel - Specifications

Model Engine HP


Engine Cooling Path Width in.(cm) LxWxH in.(cm) Rotor RPM Blades Per Rotor Steering Type Run Time gal./hr. (Itr/hr) Fuel Tank Capacity gal (Itr) Operating Weight lb.(kg) Wheel kit*
Twin 60″ Non-Overlaping
STXDF Ford Powered Products 84(63) Liquid 117 (2971) 125x65x57
150 6  Hydraulic 18(68) 2600 (1179)
STX6H Hatz 4H50TIC 70 Liquid 117
0-130 6 Proportional Hydraulic 3.4 20
Twin 48″ Non-Overlaping
HTXG6DF Power Solutions Imternational


68 Liquid 92
10-160 6 Proportional Hydraulic 1.46
HTX6H Hatz 4H50TIC 70 Liquid 92
0-160 6 Proportional Hydraulic 3.2 10