• Easy mover transport dolly for HTX, STX, HHN and HHX model ride-on trowels. Set of 2 jack stands (left/right) with 2 pneumatic tires per side.


  • Easy mover transport dolly for JWN, HTN, HHX and HHN model ride-on trowels. Includes 4 pneumatic tires and T-handle control.

Trowel Arm Adjustment Fixture

This service aid ensures trowel arms set accurately for peak performance.

  • 1817- Fits J, B, JTO, JTN, JWN series trowels with 1” diameter arms.
  • 9177- Fits HDA, HTN, HHN, STX, HTX, HHX and series trowels with 11/4” diameter arms.

Optional Sunshade

  • Ideal for operator comfort during high temperatures.
  • Fits STX6H, HTX6H and HTXG6DF*.

(* fits HTXG6DF units with serial numbers PD2003220 and beyond).